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mature, sexy, bored housewife in a blue nightie

Don't for a moment think that women over 30 don't know how to have fun. Don't assume that they are not as horny as the young girls you see, partying on a Friday night. In fact, older women often far more fun than women in their early twenties.

There's a saying, "Women want sex, girls use sex". Older, more experienced women know what they want, and they know what makes them feel good.

Sexually experienced, mature women don't want to use sex to tease or manipulate, they want to experience the divine pleasures that sexual adventures can offer.

The more experienced, especially in the ways of sexual pleasure, the more she will want more. More experiences, more pleasure, more sex.

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The Allure Of The MILF

Almost every man will have had a crush in younger life. Maybe it was a teacher, or a friends mum. The MILF is like the holy grail of sexual conquests. She's older, probably been married, which means she's experienced and most certainly knows what she's doing when she handles a hard dick.

A cross between a porn star, teacher and maternal figure, most men can surely remember that sexy older woman who dresses to impress, showing off her full curves and just enough skin to make all the boys walk with a limp when she bends over to pick something up off the floor.

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Married Women Crave Sex 

Married couples, after they've been married for a while fall into routines. Often, when the man is out working, and the woman is home, the sex dries up. This could be for a few reasons. He's simply tired, after work and commuting, he wants a cup of tea and rest, or a pint of beer. Sex is for special occasions. Maybe if they have had kids they've just got out of the habit because alone time in the house is such a rare thing. Maybe the husband is getting fucked by a younger model, a hot PA or a young slut from his office. 

This stage of a marriage is exactly what is responsible for the ​popular cliche of the bored housewife. As we all know, there's no smoke without fire, and most of the bored wives we've met are so hot, they may will be on fire.

In the UK, you can't peruse any adult service without finding a large share of sex mad housewives ​offering their adult services, talk to other men and they'll probably tell you that the best sexual satisfaction they've ever experienced was at the hands of a horny married woman.

Phone sex in the UK is no different, Our housewife line is one of the most popular, both with callers and the married sluts who want to talk to ​you horny guys. If you want to share your hard cock with a desperate, neglected housewife and fuck her hard like she deserves, then do it. Pick up the phone and tell that married slut that you're going to rip her clothes off and slam your cock into all her fucking holes.

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